I don’t remember exactly when it happened…

‎”If Keith Floyd was a horny Scottish lesbian, obsessed with fruit, his shows might have been a bit like this.” Jack Davies, BELLYFLOP Magazine

“Saucy, voluptuous and part of your five a day.” Missy Lorelei, The Skinny


A  practical  guide  to  fruit and fruit related matters. Whether you are a complete fruit beginner, or possess an in-depth knowledge of all things fruity this is the performance for you.

What kind of apple isn’t an apple? Why are bananas never lonely? All these questions and more will not be answered in this fruit lecture demonstration. Please be aware that this show may contain traces of  audience participation.

I don’t remember exactly when it happened… is a devised studio-based autobiographical performance exploring sexuality and identity construction.

Do we choose our identity or does it choose us ?

What do you feel comfortable calling me?  the choices are endless; greedy, promiscuous, confused,  heteroflexible,  bi-curious,  pomo-sexual,  a bi-dyke, a hasbean, ambi-sexual,  twighlight girl,  stateless person,   border-crosses, ac/dc, swings both ways, queer, non-straight, a traitor ?

This piece came out of an investigation into sexual identity and an exploration of the politics of categorisation.