This four hour durational performance explores the history of celebrity fitness DVDs through the decades. Moving from Jane Fonda to Davina McCall via Cher, Katy Price and Gerry Halliwell – each move is mimicked by the artist (and sometimes the audience) in this non-stop fitness marathon.

“Katy Baird and her sidekick Lucy Hutson – went for the burn – as they demonstrated FIT, a decade-by-decade and stretch-by-squat foray through the workout routines fronted by celebrities such as Jane Fonda, Cher and more recently Davina McCall. FIT unstintingly sweats the myth that these celebs and their lucrative DVDs can really make us just like them … only maybe without the royalties, the posse of make-up artists, masseurs and sycophants. Definitely a performance fit for purpose.” – Mary Brennon, BUZZCUT Review, Scottish Herald Newspaper, 2013

FIT, BUZZCUT, 2013. Images by Christa Holka

FIT, Femme Fatale, The Motorschiff Stubnitz, 2012. Images by Lucy Hutson

FIT, Basement, Brighton 2013. Image by Delia Spatareanu