Poppers Boudoir

“If you trace the bottle of amyl through late 20th-century history, you trace the legacies of gay culture on popular culture in the 20th century. We wouldn’t have had rave, disco or club culture as we know it today without the gay community.” – Dr Lucy Robinson, Professor in Collaborative History, Sussex University.

Poppers Boudoir is an intimate and sensual one-to-one experience offering participants a precious moment to unravel and unwind.

This interactive performance installation can be for one (or sometimes two) audience members at a time.

The duration of each performance is around five minutes  and invites individual audience members to inhale Amyl Nitrate (poppers), listen to a specially chosen track and be held.

It was originally commissioned by And What? Queer. Arts. Festival for the The Haus of Bruce LaBruce, the first UK solo exhibition by queer provocateur Bruce LaBruce.

It has since been performed at club nights in Leeds, Birmingham and London.