Kinetic Aesthetic

Kinetic Aesthetic were a performance collective (Katy Baird and Lucy Hutson) making socially aware public performance interventions from 2008-2010.

Sleeping Sitting Up

Sleeping sitting up is a technique used by the homeless of Montreal in order to prevent being ticketed by the police for sleeping in public areas. This was a 12 hour roaming durational performance in which we re-created our bedroom in the public spaces of Montreal.

Brand Everything

A site-specific intervention during the Montreal Grand Prix in response to the hyper-advertising around the event. Two ‘promotional girls’ working on behalf of Montreal City Council poll the general public on which new street sign they would prefer for the historic Saint Laurent Boulevard. Budweiser was the clear winner.

Cutting Costs

Poor Walmart only 11.3 billion dollars profit last year ? We thought we would help boost their 2008 profits by bringing the sweatshop to the store thus eliminating transportation and shipping costs.

All the Kinetic Aesthetic video documentation can be viewed here

Kinetic Aesthetic held Performative Screenings of their work at the following places:

Breathing Art Goldsmiths Ladyfest  (February 2010)

Punkvert’s ‘The Time of The Month Club’ Shortwave Cinema, London (March 2010)

Montréal Infringement Festival (June 2009)

Montreal Anarchist Book Fair (May 2009 )



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