Get Off

‘Get Off’ will be premiering at Transform Festival in Leeds on 20 and 21 October 2023.

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The human brain registers all pleasures in a similar way – be it a delicious meal, a sexual thrill, a recreational substance or those little hearts on Instagram…

but why do we crave that dopamine hit so much?

In her quest for answers, dedicated pleasure seeker and all-round hot mess, Katy Baird, has spent the last decade documenting the highs and lows of her search for the ultimate euphoric experience that can bring us all together.

Will she find this elusive high in the thumping bass line of a nightclub, the spontaneous dancing at a house party, those random Tuesday nights on the toot or somewhere all together more unexpected.

With trademark brutal honesty, Katy takes you to the depths of our desire for pleasure and tries to find out how much autonomy we have in where we seek it.

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Get Off has been developed at residencies with: Horizon Showcase (UK) & Transform (Leeds), Cambridge Junction, Fierce Festival (Birmingham) & Mousonturm (Frankfurt) and PARTOUT FEST at Kaserne Basil (Switzerland)

Audiences Get Off is particularly interested in having a dialogue with:
• People who have or do regularly party and partake in excess
• Middle class audiences who drink a few bottles of wine each day with dinner
• Live Art producers and programmers who take cocaine
• Young people who scroll on their phone for hours each night

Touring: 2023/24

A short work-to-camera showcasing the elements within the work was
created during the Horizon Showcase 2021 Residency