Body Series

Body Series (2013-16) is a collection of performances investigating how I see myself and how others see me.

I think about what my body can do and how it is meant to behave.

With Body Series, I place my fat, hairy, female, scarred, queer body into different contexts.

This work is not about shock but tenderness, consent and choice.


A four hour durational performance exploring the history of celebrity fitness DVDs through the decades. Moving from Jane Fonda to Davina McCall via Cher, Katy Price and Gerry Halliwell.

Body Shot

One-on-one performance in which I offer the audience free shots of Tequila from my body.


One-on-one performance over Skype in which the audience ‘have’ me for 5 mins. They have paid so I am there for them!


A one-on-one performance asking the audience member to stop and really take a look at this body in front of you.


A durational interactive installation.

The audience are invited to paper mâché my body with an image or text of their choosing from the material provided. (2013)